Check Out The Most Anticipated Smart phones In 2020

The year 2019 saw the appearance of many novelties in the world of smartphones and it will be the same for 2020.

We should indeed see the appearance of fold-able phones, mobiles compatible with 5G, extremely powerful photo sensors as well as many features from several brands.

Including Samsung, Huawei, Apple, Microsoft and Google. Here are the most anticipated smart-phone models for 2020.


Apple lovers will not be disappointed when they discover what the brand has in store for its next jewel in iOS . Chances are the iPhone 12 will be one of the first smart-phones to be 5G compatible.

The model will be sold in several versions. Probably three or four versions including two Pro models. This latest Apple model will have an additional photo sensor, excellent battery life and a new design for your viewing pleasure.

The model expected for September 2020 is also characterized by a very powerful processor which makes the phone even more powerful. If you want more information on this smartphone, see the Iphone 12 file on Phonandroid .


The Huawei brand, which is one of the three best brands (according to the latest ranking) does not stop surprising despite its setbacks with the United States.

The P40 model stands out with its borderless screen as well as its photo sensors: three at the back and two at the front. The Kirin 990 processor of the P40 Pro could favor the 5G compatibility of this one.

The Pro is also distinguished by its 6.5 inch (OLED) screen and its 5,500 mAh battery which allows a good autonomy of the Android device .


Samsung’s Galaxy S20 is eagerly awaited in 2020. The power of its photo sensors is one of its strengths. There are five different sensors at the rear. One characterized by 108 megapixels and a 5X zoom.

The phone offers you the possibility of filming with 8K resolution. As for the connection, users should expect to benefit from 5G with this latest model from Samsung.


Microsoft is making a comeback with the Surface Duo model, which consists of a 5.6-inch dual screen. By opening them, you get an area as large as a 10-inch tablet. In addition, you have the possibility of folding the screens 360 ° to obtain a double face.

The brand plans to install an Android system and not a Windows-based operating system . Already presented in 2019, this smartphone should be released in 2020, probably at the end of the year.


The Google Pixel 5 is of course one of the most anticipated smartphones in 2020 and should soon be released. Like the iPhone 11 Pro model, Google Pixel 5 is expected to have three cameras (on the back) rather than two.

There are also chances that the screen will be much larger. It could cover a good part of the face of the phone. As for the connection, rumors suggest that the model is 5G compatible. Lovers of the brand can expect an even more alluring design.


There are more phones to be anticipated in 2020 but most people cannot wait for the ones listed above to be released. Meanwhile, some parties have predicted their specs and features.

Let’s know the phone you are anticipating in 2020 in the comment section below.

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