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Hitman is a video game saga that began in 2000 with a game called Hitman Code 47. This game took us into the life of a trained assassin who must escape from a madhouse and start working for a company of hitmen.

Although the first game does not have graphics that take your breath away, the story is more than enough to catch every good player, and that is why it has had 4 sequels after the first game.

Hitman Absolution has premium graphics, a renewal in weapons and much more complex missions that will test our ability to resolve in times of pressure, when we must be assassinating important people in the world with certain basic requirements such as discretion or silence.

Hitman Absolution Gameplay

Hitman Absolution is a game belonging to the famous saga, Hitman. This is based on a highly trained killer with a memory problem. This murderer must take revenge for the betrayal suffered in the first game.

Agent 47 is a kind of soldier who realizes that his surroundings surround him is a lie. Because of this, he begins to murder the right people to collect his revenge, and to escape from the police.

The graphics of this game are set by the Glacier 2 engine. IO Interactive was the designer of this latest installment of the saga.

This series reached its peak with the creation of a Hollywood movie based on the life of the murderer and his attempt to quell the conspiracy that has him surrounded.

Hitman Sniper for iOS Download

Yesterday, we told you about an adventure game, relaxed and entertaining that made you remember previous times, Pick-Xell, today we are going to tell you about another totally different one, since it has action, you need concentration and it is similar to the world of agent 47, For this you must download Hitman Sniper for iOS.

As we mentioned in the previous section, it is a game in which you need concentration, at the beginning it is not very attractive because you have to always do the same thing, but then, as you go through the levels, it becomes interesting with more action, and It goes back to the saga that was at the time of Hitman Absolution, also the good thing is that it is also designed for mobile devices.

Therefore Hitman Sniper can be played from your cell phone, if you do not have a play or a computer, we will also have to have qualities and precision to handle the sniper rifle, what we will have to do is finish off the enemies and adversaries, who will They indicate what they are as we pass the levels, and carry out different missions.

The game has 150 different missions, both main and secondary, that not everything consists of shooting shots with the weapon, since we also have to be aware of leaving no traces where we passed, so stealth is the key to everything come out perfectly.

The important thing is not to shoot to do it, but to try that, for example, a shot can complete the mission we have to carry out, and that it be a strategic advantage, because they will discover if you kill people and leave the corpses there.

Killing in Hitman Sniper

Killing in Hitman Sniper means doing it stealthily, in the shadow so that you are not discovered, with style and elegance, it is necessary to take into account the objectives that the game asks of you, and to see the potential adversaries, in addition to the environment. Because you can find swimming pools, inaccessible areas that you will not be able to pass, elevator shafts, and there are interesting elements to provide us with hiding places for our victims to go.

But if you do not take into account all these issues, a bad move may raise an alarm, alert the rivals we want to defeat, or something worse.

To meet our objective we have a sniper rifle in hand, which as we go through the levels we can unlock new weapons and new objects for it, we also have allies for example the zoom in and out of the weapon that serves to hold your breath during the shots so that they gain precision and also that they do not notice our presence.

Killing in Hitman Sniper addictive

It is usually addictive in the long term because in addition to unlocking levels you will be able to unlock weapons and accessories, having new missions is interesting.

To finish Hitman Sniper has good graphics, settings, animation, lasts 7 to 8 hours, is single-player and has texts in Spanish and English voices is translated.

I hope you like it, start playing it and then you will see the download link. Start playing now!

Download Hitman Sniper here

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