The Top Software For Taking Screenshot

As we saw in the tutorial to take screenshot from your operating system , all Desktop or mobile operating systems (Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS) have free utilities incorporated into the bone.

But there is also third-party software dedicated to screenshot or video recording your screen. Here is a list of applications specializing in image or video capture.

GREENSHOT –  A Software For Taking Screenshots

Lightweight, multilingual and easy to use, Greenshot is also available for Windows and Mac OS.

The options I particularly like about this free screenshot software (one of my favorites):

  • Presence of an icon in the taskbar ( systray ), useful for quickly taking a snapshot of a web page or software
  • Ability to add text to the image (handy for adding annotations to your image)
  • Presence of blur effects and tools and addition of arrows to customize screenshots.
  • It allows you to export the images made in your e-mail software, in the Office suite or on photo sites like Flick or Picasa.

THE USE OF Videoproc To Record Your Screen In Image Or Video

VideoProc is a video capture, editing and editing software that also has many useful utilities including a screen recorder. It allows you to record your screen , record your webcam or both at the same time.

This can be particularly useful if you want to record your video games and film yourself at the same time. It is the ideal program for video capture!

SNAGGY – A Cool Screenshot Sharing Tool

Snaggy is a website that reminds you how to take a screenshot depending on your operating system. It also offers you the possibility to upload your screenshot on the site in order to share it! Very practical, especially for hosting a screenshot in a forum or for requesting IT assistance .

Two small drawbacks to this great service: the site is in English. Nothing very difficult to understand but if you are not familiar with the language of Shakespeare it may be harder …

In addition, you will need to register on the site to be able to store and share your captures of screen


ScreenToGif is free and open source software for Windows available in several languages ​​(including French). It allows you to capture what is happening on your screen and export it in Gif format.

It is thus possible to create a GIF of what is displayed on your screen, on your screen or on a whiteboard.


OBS Studio is a free open source software available on Windows, Mac and Linux which allows you to record your screen in video quickly and easily but also to broadcast it live (streaming) .

I would like to point out to you in passing a very useful PDF presentation in French for configuring the recording.

XBOX Game Bar

I recently discovered the Xbox Game bar, a utility offered negatively by Microsoft in Windows 10 (and therefore free!)

Which is easily accessible. In fact, you just have to use the keyboard shortcut Windows Key + G at any time to open this very practical utility which is intended primarily for gamer and which allows you to capture an image or video of your computer’s display.

The Xbox game bar which allows you to print images or videos of your PC under Windows 10


I hope this helps you know the best software for taking screenshots. You should ensure that you try them out!

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