What To Do With Your Abandoned MacBook

This is nothing new, Apple products are expensive to buy! Obviously it depends on the models and these are high quality products, but investing so much pushes us to optimize our use and to want to recover something when we no longer use it.

We use them to the maximum of their performance and try to resell them as soon as we no longer use them.

So what are the options for a MacBook you no longer use? With the rise of refurbished , brands like Hello Zack are emerging as a key player in the easy and secure resale of second-hand electronics.

 Drop Your Macbook In A Drawer Or Give It To A Loved Oone

We have all thought about it, “I’ll keep it just in case”, “you never know” … Ah those phrases that end up giving you a drawer of shame filled with all your old phones and computers.

A few years older than the last of the family and you can also become the super Santa Claus available.

Obviously it deserves, but deep down you know that your products could still be used and deserve better than a dark closet!


It can actually be handy to keep your MacBook close to you, to help you out if you’re having trouble with your current one.

You earn a golden reputation with your family or friends. If you donate it , you are doing a good deed, since, thanks to you, a new product will pollute the planet less!


If you keep it in the closet: products that still have value, wisely wait to be obsolete in a drawer. And if you use it someday so much the better, but by keeping it hidden, you’re only spoiling a product that could have lived a second life with someone else.

If you give it away: a little pang in the heart of parting with your beloved old MacBook, a little regret that you didn’t keep it warm in your drawer, a slight paranoia that the little monster will damage it way too much quickly…. And above all, despite the good deed, you no longer have your dear MacBook and have not made any money !


You never use (go, maybe once) your old stored products and end up adding the next model to the stack a few years later! You like the generous aspect of offering your MacBook to the little brother so that he can live a second life, but less the free aspect for a product that cost you a few hundred euros not so long ago .


So, you’ve decided to take the selling step. But sell it to whom and how? So let’s move on to the options that will earn you some money! First of all, the sale between individuals.


A price that you determine yourself! The great advantage of this method is that you choose the amount you want .


The ad creation step can be tedious (creation, photos, description, etc.) Determine the price carefully! It’s all well and good to win what you want, you still have to get it right! Sometimes you just don’t know how much your product is worth. Either too high or too low (and for you, that’s a shame) with the possibility of last minute negotiations in addition.

The big disadvantage of this method remains the security of the transaction . Whether as a seller or a buyer, scams are unfortunately common .


In reality, you prepare an ad, put it online and in a few days your MacBook finds itself drowned in the general flow! To come out you have to lower the price, and you will quickly lose. You often end up letting go and forgetting your ad (and your computer in the drawer) or selling your Mac outright and selling it quickly.

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